A “menage à trois”

More than ever in a position of strength at the end of the first phase of the COVID-19 crisis, will Angela Merkel be able to plug its cracks? She is not the only one, but during this crisis, [...]

It ain’t over yet…

An interview by Swiss journalist  Yves Hulmann for allnews.ch, on May 12, 2020 For Valérie Plagnol, the action of central banks underpins the rebound in the markets. The lack of visibility [...]

Flooded with cash

Central banks have become “lenders of first resort”. Shouldn’t they return this role to traditional banks? Containment will surely have unexpected effects. It may be that the [...]

Asia, shock in return

The battle against the Covid-19 is far from won in Asia. But China is already trying to write its history. Captured by our own fight against the Covid-19, subject to the constraints of [...]

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