The time of ruptures

In Venice, G-20 ministers and central bankers are showing a common front. Will it last? This year Venice meeting is reminiscent of another. In November 2008, in the midst of the financial and [...]

Crowning China

The CCP’s 100th anniversary marks a new step for China’s leader on the way to global political and economic leadership What could be a greater symbol than to see President Xi Jinping [...]

France joins the Club Med

The COVID crisis has definitely pushed France into the “Club Med” countries. At the risk of triggering a new euro crisis? In 2020, France, together with Spain, Cyprus and Belgium, [...]

The Return of Dr. Doom

At 93, Henry Kaufman gives his thoughts on the evolution of finance and monetary policies… A lesson to ponder. Henry Kaufman represents for many in the profession, the model of the [...]

A reunion

Will the Biden-Putin meeting just outline dissensions or make baby steps to a  rapprochement? A meeting of American and Russian heads of state in Geneva feels a bit like a Cold War summit, which, [...]

Not enough arms

Does the rebound in employment in the US really reflect the overall state of the labor market?? The rebound in the US job market has been spectacular. And yet no one seems to be please with it. [...]