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  • Crazy Tokens
    Crazy Tokens
    Would NFTs be the tulips of the  XXIe century? The Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem in the Netherlands, houses a work by the painter Jan Brueghel the Younger, satire of the “Tulipomania” [...]
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  • Bond garbage
    Bond garbage
    Are all bonds becoming “investment garbage” as Bill Gross claims? I report here the cry of alarm, not to say of anger that has just launched Bill Gross, the famous and former boss of the PIMCO [...]
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  • 50 years of suspension
    50 years of suspension
    Benefits and costs of the rapprochement with China and the suspension of the convertibility of the dollar. On August 15, 1971, President Nixon announced the suspension of the convertibility of [...]
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Vision & Perspectives produces economic and market studies.
We advise financial institutions and their customers and provide guidance in making educated investment and asset management decisions.

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Include a complete range of analytic and forecasting services. We provide end product presentation to your related employee groups and customers. We also develop custom-made training programs on the analysis of economic data and market movements and the impact of each on your target markets.

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My experience in both private banking and public finance allows an exclusive approach to a business project or challenge. Let’s get to know each other.

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Vision & Perspectives produces macroeconomic research and market analysis
for financial institutions and their customers.

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